A couple of urban mandalas. A pocket park, for those of you who aren’t married to an urban planner, is a little park (often as small as one residential lot) nestled in the middle of an urban area.

urban mandala

pocket park

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4 Responses to “2.29.08”

  1. Jo Lynda Says:

    I think my teal living room needs a large one of these over my fireplace.

  2. John Says:

    Your design looks awesome big or small! As a landscape architect, I’ve designed several pocket parks, so it became instantly personal to me.

    I especially enjoyed seeing it LARGE in the latest CB2 catalog:


  3. Anton Spets Says:

    Hi, I just love this pattern! I first found it on Pinterest and now i wonder if I´m aloud to use it in my final thesis about Pocket parks? All the best, Anton from Sweden

  4. Laurence Fava Says:

    I love your designs and particularly the above urban mandalas. I was wondering if I could incorporate them in the design for my business cards. I am in the property business.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks and regards,
    Laurence Fava

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