More of my feathery little balls and stalks.

fireworks flowers

flower fireworks

fireworks flowers 2 color


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2 Responses to “3.18.08”

  1. Jo Lynda Says:

    These are amazing, and the glowing fireworks pattern is phenomenal. Thank you for brightening our days with such creative and thought-provoking drawings.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi Verity – your work is beautiful and very inspiring, and what a great personal project to set yourself! I’d like to ask a question about your process – do you draw your patterns first in ink, and do you use Adobe Illustrator? I do lots of b&w ink architectural illustrations for work and usually colour them in Photoshop. I’ve started tinkering in patterns just for fun, but haven’t worked out how to convert sketches in Illustrator to make them into vectors, so I was wondering what program you use if you start off with hand-drawn drawings? Thanks!

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