When I was worried or frightened as a kid, my (new agey, ex-hippie) parents told me to visualize a white light or bubble around myself or whomever I was worried about. I spent quite a bit of time visualizing white protective bubbles….around myself, my sister, my parents, the cat, airplanes, my friends. It gave me a measure of security, a feeling of having some power to control my destiny.

I don’t get the same secure feeling now that I’m a skeptical adult, but the protective visualization can still be a comforting exercise. I googled “protective colors” and came up with this site, which has some info about how to create various kinds of protective forces around oneself. So here’s my distillation and abstraction of the information, in the form of a protective mandala, for Kelton and Sarah.

protective mandala

One Response to “6.03.08”

  1. SPO Says:

    We feel it. Thank you.

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