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May 6, 2008




April 28, 2008

Some variations on a scaly theme.


April 21, 2008

Today is Ernie’s birthday…he’s three years old. Hard to believe.

happy b-day ernie


March 17, 2008


scales and scalesscales and scales 2

Pattern of the Day 2.9.08: herringbone

February 9, 2008

Once again I take my inspiration from Henry’s doodling on his school papers. Here is his drawing, which is not exactly a classic herringbone, but certainly looks like it. He didn’t know what herringbone was until I told him.

And here is my digitized, re-drawn, less interesting rendition of his sketch. When I studied how he had done it, I realized that it is the same color combination in every 3 line square, with every other one rotated 90 degrees. I used the same colors in my versions, and did some different things with the outline. Interesting how the pattern changes depending on the outline colors, and when the outline is eliminated it looks different again

I also took the liberty of scanning the front of Henry’s schoolwork page, because I thought it was quite amusing. Especially the last answer. He gave me permission to use it, although he didn’t really understand why I would want to. It was an assignment in which the class was considering the themes in Hamlet.