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5.16.08 – Brooklyn

May 16, 2008


Day two in Brooklyn has been rainy and dreary. We had an unfortunate surprise when we discovered that our Manhattan lodging (which we had arranged through Craigslist months ago and paid a $400 deposit) was apparently a scam. We called and emailed the guy to set up a time for him to give us the key to his place, but he never returned our messages. Turns out there’s a guy in the UK who also pre-paid for this particular apartment, and he was also scammed out of the deposit. So, live and learn….that’s our first truly negative Craigslist transaction. Hopefully we will be able to track down “Lucas Bailey” and at least put an end to his good Paypal standing. So we spent about half the day trying to find new lodging in Manhattan, where we would be close to the Javits Center, but to no avail. The only places available were way out of our price range, and there were precious few places even available. Fortunately, Frances, our B & B proprietress, had a cancellation and was able to give us a room for the rest of our trip. It’s not close to Javits, but it’s affordable, comfortable and now we know the neighborhood.

For dinner we went to a little place called Sam’s. I’ll post some pics if I can figure out how to do it. It was a stereotypical family Italian restaurant, with Louie the owner taking our order (a large pie, as he wrote on our ticket before we even ordered anything) and the brother-in-law bringing out the pizza. It was a throwback to another time, and delicious.

5.15.08 – Brooklyn

May 15, 2008

Our first day in Brooklyn it was beautiful weather. We walked from our little B & B room up Henry Street, across Atlantic Ave. and down Court. We stopped for coffee and a bagel at Margaret Palca’s Bakes, then walked over to 5th Ave. in Park Slope. Lots of fun and interesting shops, including one called something about Chocolate. We found a nice coffee shop near our place that has free wireless internet, so the Tea Lounge has become our home away from home. We went to a couple of thrift stores and had dinner at a little Middle Eastern place called the Olive Vine, which was deserted but pleasant.